In our Places 2 Check Out, Valentine's Day is two weeks from Friday so we'll take you inside a shop that has plenty of sweets for your special someone.

Dorinda's Chocolates started in Truckee, California but quickly outgrew their space there so in August they moved down to this location on Riverside Drive in Reno, right next to the Hub Coffee.

They use coffee beans from the hub in their espresso truffles, and in turn supply chocolate for the coffee shop's mochas.

And they get a lot of java lovers who stop by.

"People come to get coffee here next door and they always stop by they're like 'oh what's that cute little shop?' They come in they get a free sample and then they're hooked from that point on," says Dustin Vance, VP of Operations.

Dorinda's offers a variety of different treats including chocolate dipped Oreos, cherries and pretzels and truffles along with caramels.

They hand craft every piece of chocolate, and make them all with the freshest ingredients. "For example our lemon truffle we use fresh lemon zest, fresh lemon oils and juices so we try not to use artificial ingredients we use real whipping cream real butter in all our ganaches and caramels," says Dorinda Vance, "Chief Chocolate Officer."

They're also making chocolate covered strawberrys for Valentine's Day but because they're made with real chocolate you have to preorder them ahead of time.

Dorinda's Chocolate is located on Riverside Drive just north of the Truckee and east of Keystone Avenue.

They're open daily, from 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

They ship nationwide, and you can order online.