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Locals Hope President Addresses Many Issues During Speech

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Many northern Nevadans will be watching tonight's State of the Union address -- and for a variety of different reasons.

In years past, the common theme was jobs and the economy. But this year, viewers have a wider range of issues that they think will make the nation better or worse.

When President Obama takes the stage tonight, many Nevadans will be tuned in to hear what he has to say about the Affordable Care Act. The law requires all Americans to have health insurance.

But it's gotten off to a rocky start.

"Obamacare. There's a lot of concerns but there's been so many miscommunications and errors going on with that," says Kyle Sipherd of Reno.

Tina Ballinger of Reno adds, "I've got four kids in college. Right now, they're on my insurance but when the employer mandate kicks in, if I lose my insurance, then they lose their's too. This healthcare reform has just been a real problem."

Others say the law is a step in the right direction.

The president's plan to raise minimum wage is another topic of interest.

"It needs to be raised, a little. It's so hard to make ends meet, nowadays. If they do that, it should give the economy a little bit of a boost," says Linda Darr of Sun Valley.

Melissa Gilbert of Reno adds, "I'm really interested in hearing the president talk about assistance to poor women and children. I support that, completely."

And David White of Reno says, "I think the biggest thing I'm worried about is the spying and the NSA and it's over-reach of privacy."

Other issues that were brought up ranged from immigration reform to foreign affairs.

People we talked to are split when it comes to the president's approval and what he will say in tonight's speech.

"I don't believe anything that he says. So, I don't want to listen to it. I'll read the recap in the paper, tomorrow morning," says Jim of Reno.

Darr adds, "I think he's been doing a great job, considering he's fighting the Republican house. So it's been tough to get anything through."

Those that say they will be watching the State of the Union address say that no matter what the issue is -- they want President Obama to let them know where he stands on these issues and what direction he thinks our country is headed.

You can watch live coverage of the State of the Union right here on Channel 2. A special report featuring the president's address and the Republican response begins at 6pm. Because of that we will be airing a special edition of the CBS Evening News on Channel 2-2 starting at 5:30pm.

Written by Paul Nelson

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