The area's first IMAX theatre at the Legends at Sparks Marina is now open to the public after a 12:01am premiere of the new RoboCop film.

Galaxy Luxury+ IMAX feature a 75-foot screen which allows for 3D viewing along with 11 other theaters.

Nearly 300 fans packed Northern Nevada's first true IMAX theater featuring a 3-story tall screen and a sound system, movie-goers say will blow your ears off.

"It's really impressive, it's huge, it's fancy, it's pretty cool." said Tawny Hoffman of Sparks.

"I thought it was great, the sound was amazing, the picture was great. It's definitely something I'm going to come back and do." said Jose Hernandez, also of Sparks.

Theatre officials say if a movie ticket comes with a free tub of popcorn and a soda, through Sunday on opening weekend.

"Moviegoers will find that they are not going to a typical theatre," Rafe Cohen, president of Galaxy Theatres, said. "Rather they are now making a whole day experience of movies, with mind blowing technology, the ultimate in concessions, and of course, shopping that awaits them after the last credit rolls."

In addition to the theatre, the 11 other auditoriums have touch button full reclining power seats with footrests. Galaxy Luxury+ IMAX will also offer a build-your-own sausage bar and Orville Redenbacher popcorn topped with real butter.

"Our vision for Legends has been to create a 365-day destination that combines visitor attractions with appealing everyday retail and dining " Dennis McGovern, general manager of the Legends at Sparks Marina, said. "We're so pleased to be partnering with Galaxy Theatres to bring a new, top-notch movie going experience to Sparks and continue to create a destination experience," McGovern continued. "We feel it will become an integral part of the community, providing a state-of-the-art entertainment option, plus a venue for everything from school and corporate functions to special events."

Tickets and reserved seating are on sale at