The man accused of killing four senior citizens in Fernley and another man in Mustang last May appeared in court Wednesday afternoon.

Jeremiah Bean's hearing was held inside the Third Judicial Court in Yerington. The main purpose of the hearing was to discuss and make changes to the proposed jury questionnaire changing wording and asking questions like whether prospective jurors are opposed to the death penalty or if they have a history of substance abuse. "It's important to get a qualified jury that can apply the law in this case and fairly try the case. So, we're working closely to get a questionaire that will facilitate that process," says Lyon County Chief Deputy District Attorney Stephen Rye.

Also during the hearing, one of Bean's co-counsel, Paul Yohey was replaced by Ken Ward for an disclosed reason.

Richard Davies is still the defense's lead counsel. "There's going to be a lot of testimony and there will be some emotions involved. But I think there's going to be more to the story coming out at trial than what I think is being offered at this point."

Bean is accused of killing Bob and Dotty Pape at their Jessica Lane home, in Fernley, and later lighting their house on fire.

Investigators say he stole their truck and drove to Mustang and killed Eliazar Graham. They say he returned to Fernley and murdered Lester Leiber and Angie Duff at her home on Tamsen Lane.

Some of Duff's friends were at the hearing and say it was difficult to be in the same room as the defendant.

"I hope they throw the book at him. I hope he gets what he deserves," says Charlene Arnold.

Another friend, Maria Foster added, "He has taken away from us, people that we loved and that were loved by everybody. And they were very good people and I don't know why he had to do that."

In November Bean pleaded not guilty to 19 felony counts, including two counts for each of the murders.

There will be another hearing on February 6th - the trial is set for early June. But Davies says with a case of this magnitude, that doesn't give him enough time to prepare for it. He will likely file a motion that could delay the trial, possibly as late as October.

Bean faces the death penalty if convicted.