In our Places 2 Check Out, we'll take you inside a brand new sportsware retailer that opened at The Summit.

Sports Fan specializes in selling all kinds of sports merchandise including hats, jerseys, jackets, anything a passionate fan would enjoy.

The store is focused on selling football gear with the upcoming Super Bowl excitement, but they can order items from our of state of they don't have them in stock right away.

"If we don't have anything here that they're looking for we can call many of our other stores in California, get it shipped here directly and help them out," says Mike Matysiak.

The store says one of the weirder requests they've had is from a 49ers fan who was holding a barbecue and wanted a shirt with a hot dog brand on it, and they were able to accommodate that.

This is the second sports fan store in Northern Nevada, they also have one in Meadowood Mall.

The store is in The Summit mall just a couple stores over from PacSun and Tilly's.