Joanne Northrup, the curator at the Nevada Museum of Art proudly shows off an awe-inspiring exhibit.

"All these images are coming at us so fast on a computer and all these screens happening simultaneously," says Northrup.

Franklin Evans' is showing how information and experiences fly at us at light speed. It's almost like you get to see the inner workings of the artist's mind. He puts his personal pictures out there, with his Reno roots appearing through what feels like a vast space of hallways and tunnels.

Franklin who lives in New York now, grew up in Reno. In fact, a video of his valedictorian speech at Bishop Manogue High School plays in the exhibit as does an audio recording of voices.

This exhibit is about so much more than what's on the walls; strips of duct tape, press releases from different artwork and bubble wrap also cover the floor. 

He actually encourages people to step on the books from his own bookshelf, showing he doesn't put much value into material things.

After living in Reno, Franklin went to Stanford then Oxford where he got his MBA.

The museum says seeing his work back here at home proves to many local artists the support is here for them. "We have two orchestras in Reno, a ballet, an opera that represents how much we support the art community, not to mention Artown and Burning Man," says director of communications Amanda Horn.

Being the only accredited art museum in the state with displays from around the world, it is an honor for artists to have this forum.

And for Franklin, it took him weeks to put his piece together in the city where he first began his canvas.

The Franklin Evans exhibit will be here until April 20th.

The next exhibit at the museum from a local artist will be February 8th by Phyllis Shafer - a well-known landscape artist out of South Lake Tahoe.

Written by Neda Iranpour