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International Consumer Electronics Show This Week in Las Vegas

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At a preview event for the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, new tech was flying, leaping and lighting up.

The LG G-Flex offers a glimpse at the shape of smartphones to come - curves. "So it's the world's first flexible smartphone. If you're holding it to your face, it contours to your face, bring that mic a little closer to you giving you a better sound experience. Also, it fits in the palm of your hand," says LG Product Trainer Crystal Syzdek.

A jumping Sumo can control your smartphone or tablet. The robot may be small, but it's robust - and can leap two and a half feet into the air. And like a cat that always lands on its feet, the sumo always lands on its wheels. The mobile QWERTY turns traditional keyboard on end. "A full QWERTY keyboard that's been split and rotated, so I've still got it underneath both hands. TREWGrip is a handheld Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, I don't need to find a surface where I can use my keyboard," says Robert Price.

Wearable tech is a star attraction this year.

Designed for athletes, the Reebok checklight is a sensor device that fits into a skull cap and detects impact and possible head injuries. "There's a three LED light system. There's a green for on and functioning. Yellow for moderate impact and red for more severe," says Director of Advanced Concepts for Reebok Paul Davis.

June keeps track of your exposure to the sun and depending on your skin type; it will also let you know when you're out in the sun too long and when you need to break out the sunscreen.

And - technology that really shines. SmartCharge is an LED bulb with a built-in rechargeable battery. "I'll cut the power. The whole house goes dark. The SmartCharge bulb remains on," says Shailendra Suman.

Panasonic has unveiled a product that combines two big tech trends -- ultra HD and wearable devices-- with a portable, camera that hooks onto your ear and records in ultra-high definition 4K video.
Panasonic didn't immediately name the gadget, but it resembles the company's A100 full HD camcorder, which is a smartphone-sized device that straps to a user's arm and is connected by a cable to a tubular device housing the lens.
Julie Bauer, president of Panasonic's consumer electronics division, said the device is waterproof and dust-proof and for the everyday person. Video shot in 4K resolution, which uses about quadruple the pixels found in HD, can be shared via Wi-Fi and viewed on smartphones or ultra HD living room TVs.

(The Associated Press also contributed to this report.)

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