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Local Doctor Writes Letter About Guns in America

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After a gunman opened fire inside a medical office in Reno, killing Dr. Charles "Garo" Gholdoian and injuring Dr. Christine Lajeunesse and 20-year-old Shawntae Spears, a local doctor and friend of Gholdoian has written a letter concerning gun control and use in the United States.

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The doctor's letter reads as follows:

I have just returned from the candlelight vigil for Dr. C. Garo Gholdoian at a park adjacent to Renown Regional Medical Center. There, braving the bitter cold, candles in hand, were family, friends, clergy from multiple faiths holding candles flickering in the darkness. There were messages of peace and hope conveyed. There was profound, palpable sadness in the air even as songs of reconciliation and love were sung. There was another emotion that was conveyed over and over: anger! Anger that our community has had this happen twice in a span of a few weeks, anger that there was loss of a father and husband, anger about the senseless violent death of a pillar of the community. Dr. Gholdoian was a doctor who was a friend to his coworkers and patients alike. He was a renaissance man who was a cancer survivor, a musician, an audiophile, and above anything else, a man devoted to his family. He was the person who solved problems of any kind and brought people together. While the person who committed this horrible, senseless crime obviously had mental health issues, this is not an excuse we can use to bring back the soul we lost. We have to stop using mental health as the scapegoat. In our American society, we do not have a higher rate of mental health problems than the rest of humankind. The rest of the planet, however, is not able to go the local store and obtain a weapon capable of destruction that is indefensible in any society. I remind you that a few years ago, it was unthinkable to go up against big tobacco companies. Let's consider that most Americans applaud the fact that we as a society took a stand against a public health menace and we will be on the right side of history in supporting an anti-smoking position. Here we are at a crossroads: the road taken should be the one that leads to fewer deaths, fewer orphans, fewer widows, less pain… Stand up for your citizens. You are our representative. Your responsibility is immense in this situation. Please protect our loved ones and pass legislation that preserves the right of the hunter and the sportsman while limiting the ability of anyone to kill other humans by limiting the type of weapons and improve the process in how these weapons are acquired and registered. I am a firm supporter of the Constitution and its amendments. The amendments inherently were created to correct the potential omission of a value or moral directive that might be well accepted now. In addition, some social changes have negated the errors our forefathers made and have been corrected in the form of amendments and legislation. I am a physician in Reno, not a constitutional expert or a lawyer. I am privileged to take care of people who trust me with their lives. I do my part for this little corner of the world with the help of other physicians, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, staff in the hospitals and private offices, and families who support their loved ones. In short, I live in a community that looks after their own and we have just lost a friend who cannot be brought back. I refuse to believe that his death will fade into the distant memory of people and there will be no change for the better from this senseless crime. I plan to do what I can to support a sensible approach to owning a weapon. One person's right to bear arms does not trump another's right to live!

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