A mother and her youngest child have been discharged from a Nevada hospital a day after being rescued with four other group members from a bitter cold mountain wilderness.
Doctors said Wednesday the father and three other young members of the couple's families who spent two days in sub-zero temperatures also are doing well but will remain for observation at a hospital in Lovelock about 100 miles northeast of Reno.
Dr. Douglas Vacek said some members of the group suffered from slight exposure and dehydration, but none had frost bite. He credited James Glanton with keeping alive his girlfriend, Christina McIntee, their two children and a niece and a nephew of McIntee.
Vacek says the 34-year-old mine worker and hunter built a fire just minutes after their Jeep rolled down a snowy embankment on Sunday and kept it going until rescuers found them about noon Tuesday.

Dr. Vacek says all six family memebers were restrained during the rollover, and the windows on the Jeep did not break. As for food, he says, "they had snacks, some candy bars, things like that; we don't know how they rationed them."

When asked during a press conference Wednesday morning how unlikely this particular case was Dr. Vacek answered, "We're used to cold weather but those nights were unusually cold, the fact they didn't have frostbite is amazing."

The family also thanked the "valiant rescue efforts" of Pershing County, Washoe County Search and Rescue, Civil Air Patrol, Fallon Naval Air Station and other agencies in their rescue.

(The Associated Press also contributed to this report.)