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Sweltering Stretches to Escape Cold Air

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When temperatures are below freezing, obviously you should dress the part - big puffy jackets are a fashion trend these days but that's not the only way to stay warm.

Plenty of people cozy up at Kona Gold coffee shop off McCarran and Mira Loma to escape the frigid air. One guest said, "something warm and hot on a day like today is great."

There is actually one place in town where people are stripping down.

Bikram Yoga provides quite the contrast from the cold outdoors.

A Bikram Yoga instructor of eight years, Stefan Boone tells his class, "it's good for your immune system in this cold weather." He says, no doubt, the popularity of his class at Juice Box Yoga steams up during the winter.

Bikram Yoga lover, Jo Harvey says "I appreciate the polarity. That's what I love about it. It's nice to be in 18 degrees then in 100."

Some yogis are at Juice Box Yoga year-round, taking in the benefits of baking.

Frequent yogi Tres Weatherford says "it's the mental part to stay in there, stay focused. But really it helps you stretch deeper."

So why put people through a set of moves lasting 90 minutes and add the element of heat?

Boone says, "main reasons for the heat is, it makes the muscles malleable and when the muscles are malleable, they're able to stretch safely."

The sweat also detoxifies according to Boone, who suggests you try Reno's only Bikram Yoga studio any time of year. He says "some people are afraid of the heat, it's 105. It doesn't feel any different than a nice day at the beach."

He adds, "You're heating yourself up from the inside to the outside. So once you go out of class to your everyday world you kind of carry that warmth with you."

Boone suggests you shower and put on dry clothes and dry your hair immediately after class before going out into the cold air.

For more information go to www.yogajuicebox.com

Written by Neda Iranpour

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