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Anti-Aging Treatment

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When Nova Murray came to Dr. Charles Virden's office she had one goal in mind. To get rid of her brown spots. "Still be able to go out and not have people see the age on your face. It's the first thing they see."

Dr. Virden says he is now offering the fountain of youth. A broad band light treatment that dramatically improves your skin. "When you look at what broad band light is you're shooting the entire spectrum from blue all the way to infrared at one pulse. And you can see that our longer wave lengths are getting to the deep layers of the skin as where our superficial wave lengths are treating the upper layers of the skin and when you shoot it at one time, you're shooting the entire depth at one time, one pulse."

A technician adjusts the machine for the exact skin type of the patient. Nova is concerned with the brown spots so her treatment specifically targets those areas, but because it's a broad band light, her entire skin is treated at the same time. She'll see reduced wrinkles, reduced red tones in her skin and tightening. Dr. Virden says this painless procedure takes about 30 minutes. "After doing this now for three or four years, there isn't a better treatment for skin to turn skin aging back. Not vitamins, not supplements, not peels."

A study, done at Stanford, shows the long term results. A woman, who's been getting treatments for 11 years, now has thicker and healthier skin than before treatments started.  Another woman only had two treatments and her freckles are basically gone. It works on men as well without affecting their beard. Sun damage on your chest can be treated. And the same thing is true for hands.  

Nova says for these benefits, the treatment is well worth it. "It feels a little warm right now but there's no pain."

Treatments start at $250. For more information, go online to

Written By Wendy Damonte
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