From Nevada 150:

Nevada 150 is encouraging all Nevadans to participate yet one more way in the Sesquicentennial through social media channels created for the celebration including:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and a blog.

The social sites will act as additional resources to keep users informed of stories, events and facts related to the celebration in the Silver State. The website,, also plays an integral role, highlighting signature and official Nevada 150 events taking place around the state as well as offering valuable educational resources. The site is also home to a "Nevadan Stories" blog, allowing users to submit their Nevada story and describe why this state is so special to them.

"Part of what makes our state so wonderful is its people and their individual experiences," said Kara Kelley, executive director of Nevada 150.  "The blog will provide opportunities for Nevadans to share their stories, big or small, to build a commemorative reflection of the culture, people, places and memories for generations to come." 

Use of the official hashtag for the yearlong Sesquicentennial celebration, #NV150, is highly encouraged among users.  The official social media sites for Nevada 150 can be found below:

For more information about Nevada's Sesquicentennial celebration, please visit

From Nevada 150