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Police: Meth and Heroin - Most Used Drugs in Reno

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The Reno Police Department is stepping up their battle against narcotics, but many people in our area are still falling into the trap of drug addiction.

Sergeant Ron Chalmers says during his time spent in law enforcement, he's realized drug use is responsible for a number of other crimes.

"Most of our residential burglaries, vehicle burglaries, fraud crimes, somebody who steals your identity, most often is doing those activities to fund their drug addiction."

Chalmers says there's a few signs you can look for if you are concerned your child might be using drugs. For example, sudden changes in their friends, their grades, or personality.

He says statistics on drug use have remained pretty steady in Reno over the past few years, but the drugs of choice have changed.

Meth and heroin are most common right now.

There is some paraphernalia you can look for that might clue you in that somebody you love is using.

"They usually come packaged in balloons. You'll start finding pieces of balloon, broken balloon. Inside the balloon is usually square wax paper. It's usually wrapped within the wax paper and then tied in the balloons. You'll see these multicolored balloons and then you'll see sometimes these white and yellow balloons, which can be an indication of cocaine."

Chalmers' brother is a recovering drug addict, who's been clean more than three years. He says his addiction started with marijuana and advanced to heroin.

I asked him what he lost, due to drug addiction.

"I lost practically everything," said Shawn Chalmers. "A better question would be what did I not lose. Most importantly, my freedom, family, the friends I've hurt. Yes, I've lost multiple things in my life over my addiction."

You can watch the entire interview this weekend on Face the State. The show airs Saturday at 4:30am and Sunday at 6:30am and 3:30pm.

Written by Chris Ciarlo

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