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People Head to Virginia City for a Haunted Halloween

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Ghost stories are more than just a Scooby Doo episode for many residents of the Comstock.

With haunted buildings like the Gold Hill Hotel and the old Washoe Club. Piper's Opera House has a history of its own.

Some say the ghost of John Piper, himself, shows up for live events.

"Piper, they can actually see images of him standing up there," Jeff Berry, Virginia City resident said. "Some people say that they smell cigar smoke because John Piper was really into smoking cigars."

"I went up the stage, I was going to turn the lights on and I looked and there was a rope, hanging down from the chandelier," Miki Wood, Storey County resident said. "I go in the back. I come back out and there's no rope."

Wood says that could be the spirit of a man that was hanged in Piper's Opera House for cheating at poker.

"That very same day, I go to turn all the lights off," Wood said. "I step out of the room and all of the lights come back on."

Ghost stories like these are bringing people to Virginia City for Halloween to witness the haunting on their own.

"Some people do," Deny Dotson, Virginia City Tourism Director said. "Some really get a kick out of it, enjoy it, and if it sells, then there's people that are doing okay in business."

The Silver Queen Hotel is completely booked for Halloween.

It's said to be haunted by a ghost named Lynette, who supposedly cut her wrists in the bathtub of Room 11.

"If you bring a flower, she might move it," Connie Carlson, Silver Queen Hotel owner said. "So, people rent this room all the time."

The wedding chapel at the Silver Queen is another room that Carlson says has paranormal activity. It's pitch black in the wedding chapel but they do have an infrared camera that can catch everything, including the orbs that are flying around the room.

Carlson says the ghosts are friendly and good for business. She says she thinks the famous Silver Queen also haunts the building, 50 years after committing suicide. And she admits, even she's been spooked a time or two.

Others report seeing orbs and flashes of light, or hearing noises.

If ghosts aren't enough for you, there's also plenty of events going on. The V&T Railroad train station has decorations all over the place. Not to mention, a Halloween-themed train ride. You can also head to the cemetery for guided tours. And of course, there is also a parade.

Written by Paul Nelson
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