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Taking Steps to Safeguard Guns

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Monday's shooting at Sparks Middle School left a well-liked math teacher dead and two students injured before police say the student shooter took his own life. It's prompted some parents to take extra steps to keep their guns out of reach from children.

John Clement, the manager of Bizarre Guns on Oddie Boulevard says the most important thing for gun owners to do is educate their kids about respecting what a firearm is capable of doing.

Experts also suggest taking other safeguards to keep your gun out of the wrong hands.

"Let's face it, guns are a dangerous item, if used improperly" Clement said. "Same as a car being dangerous if it's being driven improperly."

Clement has worked with firearms for the past 30 years. He says to sit down and talk with your kids about how guns are not toys. He says to always treat a gun as if it's loaded, and don't point it at anything you don't intend to hit. Clement also says to take your kids shooting at a certified gun range to show them how devastating a firearm can be. He says the best thing to do to keep guns out of the reach of kids is to invest in a gun safe.

"If you're going to have a number of firearms around the house, you should have a safe," Clement said. "I'm not just talking about a metal cabinet, I'm talking about a real, righteous gun safe."

"The thing that makes a good child-proof safe is one that's sturdy and secure, and has what we call a million-duty cycle dial," said Bill Callos, owner of The Safe Place on Greg Street in Sparks. "That's something other than just a key and lock."

Callos says a dial combination lock is one of the best to get.

"A dial combination lock has 300,000 possible combinations, plus-or-minus 10,000," he said. "It's very difficult to crack."

Callos also says an electronic combination safe is good because you can set your own code. Experts are reminding you to never give your combination to your children.

You're also advised to take another step to safeguard your firearms by buying a trigger lock. I was shown how to put one into a gun. Before you do anything, check to make sure the chamber is empty. Then, take the two bolts and put them where the trigger is. Then, use the key and turn it until it's tight. That will make it difficult to access the trigger.

There's also a cable lock, which prevents you from loading or firing the gun. You put the cable through the chamber and the magazine well before locking it.

These kinds of locks are inexpensive, a number of places we checked out are selling them, on average, for just under $10.

Written by Adam Varahachaikol

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