In Tonight's Places 2 Check Out, we take you inside a new store that sell focuses on home-made gifts.

Sierra Style opened in March on Vista Boulevard in Sparks and sells locally made gifts made by local artists.

The owner, Kim Hunter already owned 'A Bag of Bones' (located next door) and brought many of the artists to her new store and now she says she's getting in new items almost every day.

"We've got so many talented people who are just really focused on getting those kinds of gifts in and unique and different, they like the home made handcrafted stuff."

Kim says shopping locally helps keep money in the community.

She also says they focus on offering a unique variety of products from clothing to furniture to jewelry.

"When we get things in we don't reorder them, we want everyone who buys something in here to not only feel they have a good value but they're also getting something that's unique to them that they're not going to see everywhere else in town," says Hunter.

Sierra Style is located on Vista Boulevard in Sparks just north of Disc Drive.