Salon 7 in Reno has become somewhat of a gathering center for the gay community but they know they need a center of their own. So they've come up with a fundraiser filled with glam and glove.

"Real men wear make up."

Philip Brown is the creative mastermind behind Reno's first drag queen boxing event.

"You don't really hear of drag queens getting in the ring; they don't want to mess up their hair and make up."

But the message behind this flashy, fun and fabulous show is a very serious one. This first-time fundraiser at The Alley in Sparks is for the non-profit, Build Our Center.

"I hope there's heels flying, lipstick off to the side, everything but we will be on hand to make sure everyone looks fabulous."

Jenny Oxier, the owner of a Salon 7, is also a board member of Build Our Center.

"Our greatest challenge now is gaining awareness. We want people to show up for events."

For the past three years or so they've tried to come up with enough to money to get a safe home - a place for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Reno to come together or - to come out.

"A lot of young kids are thrown out of their home 'cause they decide to be gay. They need somewhere to go."

Right now in Reno - a safe place with counselors where you can stay anonymous just isn't available.

"They come to Salon 7 as we all do. I think that's why I'm here. I was the outcast; they really don't have anywhere to go."

So they figured the more eye-catching and jaw dropping, the more their message will spread and their hopes heard.

"We want you to feel comfortable and be entertained."

Drag Queen Boxing is this Saturday at The Alley on Victorian Square. Doors open at 8:30pm, the event starts at 10 and tickets are $7.

Written by Neda Iranpour