In tonight's Places 2 Check Out - The Lunchbox is a sandwich shop with a twist on the usual flavor.

The Lunch Box on Los Altos Parkway used to be a Togo's franchise, but the owner says he wanted to offer higher-quality ingredients like better meats and healthier salads.

"I have some dear friends that are paleo-concious, one of my guys is diabetic so processed sugar is a big deal so for our salads we actually use a lot of honey, we don't have a lot of processed honey in the store," says owner Rob Harris.

The owner says the new store has seen a drop in local customers from what it used to be, but he's been able to find fresher ingredients in northern Nevada.

"All the vendors that we're using are local guys, if it's not local we don't buy it. So we're very passionate about wanting to help but two we take care of our local guys here."

The lunch box is located at 129 Los Altos Parkway just south of where it crosses Pyramid Highway.

The owner plans to open a second location in Reno.