The government shutdown is the talk around town and we wanted to see what Northern Nevadans are saying about the stalemate on Capitol Hill.

One thing we didn't hear is anybody defending politicians. Everybody told me they blame both sides of the aisle, saying a government shutdown should not be an option.

"I would say we ought to fire all of them and start with new ones," said John Steelsmith. "We can't be any worse off. I need my Social Security and military retirement."

Gladys Spivack said she feels worse for those who will not be employed.

"My main concern are the poor people who work and are not going to get paid. They live like they say on television paycheck-to-paycheck. Even if they don't pay their mortgage or rent for a month, they have to eat more than once a month and that is my main concern and that chokes me up."

I ran into Will Durrett, who is out here on a three week long field trip studying geology. He and his friends were planning on checking out a lot of national parks along the west coast, now that's in jeopardy.

"Now, I guess we can't do that because they're all shutdown. I feel bad for the park rangers who have to run that place and now they don't have a job for the time being. It's really a bummer because we were looking forward to going to these really interesting spots."

Written by Chris Ciarlo