As Honor Flight Nevada gears up for its next flight out of Reno, the government shutdown in Washington is a concern. In fact, as an Honor Flight out of Mississippi arrived in Washington, D.C. Tuesday morning they were met with barricades.

"We know that's a possibility," says Jon Yuspa with Honor Flight Nevada. "But we aren't going to let something like that stop us. These veterans stormed the beaches, storming a monument just won't be that tough!"

Early Friday morning 38 World War II veterans and their guardians will leave for that trip. They have waited 60 years to be able to make that flight and to see the monuments built in their honor. If for some reason they need to juggle the schedules and the tours they will. But they have every intention of seeing everything on their list.

"The hotels are booked. The food and the busses are set. The wheelchairs are being delivered to the hotel," Yuspa says. "We will work around the politics and the policies when we get there. But this is like Christmas for the veterans. They cancel Christmas during a war and we aren't canceling this trip. We're going!"

Nevada's next Honor Flight leaves this Friday morning. They return Sunday evening and everyone is invited to the homecoming at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

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Written by Erin Breen

Update: CBS Evening News reports that the National Park Service intends to keep the WWII Memorial open for veterans despite the government shutdown.