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Single-Space Meter Installation Began Monday in Reno

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If you drove into downtown Reno at all on Monday, you may have noticed some changes.

Hundreds of parking meters have been shut down. City officials terminated the contract with Curb System, the company that installed the meters two years ago.

Officials say the digital meters were too inconsistent. Most days they wouldn't even accept all forms of payment.

Because of that, the city lost $800,000 in revenue just in the last two years.

"It's really frustrating," says city official Cadence Matijevich. "It's frustrating for us as the city."

Frustrating for drivers as well, who told us they ran into all kinds of issues.

"Sometimes the machine's not working, or they don't take the card, debit card, credit card, whatever," says Ilda Licon.

Others encountered similar problems.

"Other times I put in quarters, and nothing happens," says Michael Mikel. "It's hit and miss."

The city says it tried to work out an agreement with Curb System, but talks fell through.

"It became clear to us that we were not going to end up with a functional system," says Matijevich. "We were not going to have a system that worked consistently."

Curb System released a statement last week, claiming the city did not hold up it's end of the deal. CEO Kane Dutt says the city was obligated to enforce parking violations, but then laid off most of the enforcement staff.

"The lack of enforcement downtown and an enforcement focus on other priorities, dramatically reduced revenues for the city's parking concession," Dutt said in the statement.

Now, crews will re-install the old single space meters. Some drivers say they'll be happy to see them put back.

"I kind of think they should have just left the meters in place," says Pam Sublett. "So, it worked out a lot better. At least for me it did."

It's just a temporary solution, however. City officials are looking for a company to put in a whole new system by the end of the year.

Re-installing those old single meters will take about a month. That means if you don't see kiosks or meters in front of a space, parking is free.

City officials urge folks to still use the honor system, and respect the two to five hour time limits.

Written by Adam Rasmussen

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