Reno has a plethora of radio stations but according to the Nevada Broadcasters Association one of them operating from a church in Reno is a pirate station and they are considering how to deal with it.

"It's just not right that other stations have jumped through the hoops of getting licensed and paid their fees and are registered and this station at 100.5 FM has just put up an antennae, calling itself a low-powered station and is broadcasting at a power that is encroaching on other stations bandwidth," says Adrienne Abbot with the NBA.

She says they have isolated the origin of the signal coming from a church on Wrondel Way in Reno. They can see the antennae on top of the building and they have been to the church to talk with the pastor.

The pastor there says she has not talked with anyone from the NBA, and that they are allowed to run a low-power station and they are doing the community a service by getting the word of god out to the public.

Just across town KSRN the Radio Lazer, operates at 107.7 FM.  Eduardo Rios works as a DJ there and says it's nothing personal, just an issue of fairness.

"We have followed the rules and paid for the licensing, we just feel everyone should be subjected to the same rules. And even if they get their money through donations rather than actual sales, they should have a license and they should operate as a licensed station."

The Nevada Broadcasters Association is planning to visit the church/station again and try to get them to comply rather than just shutting them down. At the least they say they want the station's power reduced. And they say the station should be open to the public during working hours and their files should be made public.

The pastor insists they have a license and they are acting legally, but refused to physically produce the license. She also said she will work with engineers on calibrating the power of the station but that she believes everything they are doing is well within the law.

Written by Erin Breen