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Catch the Supermoon Over Northern Nevada on Sunday

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Courtesy: National Geographic Courtesy: National Geographic

The Supermoon is coming. In fact, the upcoming Supermoon is being called a Super Supermoon by some. Myths have it turning folks into werewolves, creating higher tides and causing folks to fall in love. That's the talk about it.

The Science behind says we won't see a huge difference in crime rates, tides or love lives. We may however notice it's size...if monitoring the moon is something you do.

"Every moon that comes up seems larger right at moonrise," says Dr. David Bennum who teachers astronomy and physics at the University of Nevada. "That's because we are seeing it through more of the the earth's atmosphere. It's almost like an optical illusion."

A supermoon is said to appear 14% larger than a regular old full moon and about 30% brighter if there are no clouds obstructing the view. And what makes it a supermoon is a full moon at the same time that the moon is closest to the earth as it travels in its elliptical orbit. It's something that happens frequently, actually.

"Because the earth, the sun and the moon will all be alignment, we will probably see some increase in the size of our tides, but nothing significant. We will likely see tides just a couple of inches higher or lower than usual. Nothing dramatic," Bennum says.

And as for the myth of everyone looking directly at the supermoon will fall in love...well, that is a myth too.

"Probably no higher an incident with a supermoon than with a regular full moon. Lovers can be looney you know," says Dr. Bennum.

Something you will want to watch for, photoshopped photos of gigantic moons superimposed over horizons making them look even 100 times bigger than we ever view the moon. Those, some say, will be everywhere.

The Supermoon will hit its super size for super viewing in Northern Nevada at 4:32 AM, Sunday, June 23rd.

Written by Erin Breen

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