The last few days haven't been easy on the Fernley community, after four people were found killed in a neighborhood, and another off Interstate 80.

"Horrified," says Leslie Lombardi. "Actually, I could not believe it. It's just a terrible thing."

Lombardi walks her dogs down Tamsen Road every day. So what happened, hit too close to home.

"I came here from Richmond, Calif. to get away from this, yes," she says. "And it's too much. It really is."

Others in the neighborhood say they were overwhelmed when they heard four people were killed just up the street.

"I didn't know what's going on until I heard it from my wife," says Dioni Dizon. "I was like, 'oh my goodness, it happened? From this neighborhood?' I couldn't imagine it."

Lucia Michelot says this neighborhood is always friendly and inviting. But after Monday night, she made sure her home was secure.

"We just kind of locked up," she says. "Extra precaution last night, but normally we feel pretty safe here."

Residents say this proves if something like this can happen in Fernley, it can happen anywhere.

"It's finally hit home," says Daniel Boone. "It didn't happen to somebody else, it's happening all over now."

Written by Adam Rasmussen