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Olive Oil

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At the Big Horn Olive Oil Company in Mayberry Landing, you taste olive oil like you would wine at a winery. You swirl it, smell it and then you sip and sip and sip. And you realize, true extra virgin olive oil is delicious, it varies in flavor depending on the fruit type and country of origin and here at Big Horn, you can see exactly when the olives were crushed. And according to owner, Mercedes Burkavage, anything older than a year is rancid oil. "We really need stricter rules to live by because Americans are getting old oils that are passed off as light, pure and those words really mean nothing nothing other than they've been processed to look pretty and there's no health benefits in there."

Dr. Kosta Arger is a local cardiologist at Northern Nevada Medical Center. He grew up in a Greek family that only used olive oil. He says the best olive oil to get is extra virgin which is the first time the olives are pressed. He says olive oils are monounsaturated which helps prevent buildup of plaque in arteries. And are far superior when compared to other oils. "They tend to have more antioxidant properties. They tend to have less fattening properties if you will although they are still an oil but generally they are a healthier oil for you because they aren't absorbed in the same way."

And he adds, price can guide you when picking a true extra virgin olive oil. He says the range is around $10 to $20 per liter. Which is what you'll find at Big Horn. 

Big Horn Olive Oil Company is located at 3888 Mayberry Landing, next to Whispering Vine.  For more information, call the store at 870-1500. Or online at www.bighornoliveoil.com

Written By Wendy Damonte
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