If you, like many Americans, find yourself wading through a sea of debt, how do you get out of it? Tonight's Money Watch Q & A expert says he is seeing more and more northern Nevadans opting to file for bankruptcy.

Attorney Joe Laub, of Laub & Laub Law Firm, will be our Money Watch Q & A guest tonight. He says when recent laws slowed down the foreclosure process for delinquent homeowners, bankruptcy filing rates slowed as well. Now that banks are becoming more aggressive with foreclosures again, Laub says bankruptcy filings have increased and he expects to continue seeing this trend.

Tonight he will discuss the pros and cons of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy verses Chapter 7. In many cases, Laub believes filing bankruptcy over foreclosure is a faster, easier, cleaner way to get a fresh start on your finances.

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You can also reach Laub during regular business hours at (775) 333-5282 or log onto:

Written by Kristen Remington