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Living with Diabetes

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Nick Ward loves to ski down mountains fast. In some races, going the speed of a car on the road. "65-70 miles an hour."

But four years ago, at age 14, his life came to a screeching halt. "My life was definitely turned upside down."

This top notch skier was now a type 1 diabetic. "It was a shock but at the same time I always had a dream to make it to the U.S. ski team so it just re-enforced that I can still do anything that I can to get to the anywhere you want to go in life."

And Nick quickly learned he could live with diabetes and still compete in skiing. It's a disease he controls automatically. "I use the Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pump which allows me to control my blood sugar to my optimal range which if I'm too low I can back off on the insulin and at the same time it helps a lot on the hill better than taking shots daily."

To make sure he's safe in case anything does happen on the hill, he even tattooed his condition on his arm. Type 1 diabetic. He says it cost him $100 to put on but looks forward to one day getting it removed. One day when there's a cure for diabetes.

In the mean time, he's keeping his focus on the slopes. "I hope to make it to the U.S. ski team and one day make it to the Olympics."

And the JDRF Vision Gala, to raise money and awareness about juvenile diabetes, is Saturday, April 27th at the Reno Ballroom. For more information about the event call 775-786-1881.

Written By Wendy Damonte
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