"Ka-chunk....whirrr...pssshhhht!" The Great Basin Brewing Company is heading off into a whole new chapter with bottling. And their brand new 5003 A made by GAI in Italy is their ticket to success.  

"It has monoblock technology!" says owner Tom Young. (That means that one section of it does a number of things from sterilizing the bottles to filling them to capping them). "And this baby is fast!"

The new bottler is the fastest bottling machine in the state of Nevada. It turns out a bottle of freshly brewed beer every 7/10 of a second. That's about 82 bottles of beer a minute! And that's about 720 cases every day it's running.

"Can you sell that much beer?" I ask Young.

"You bet!" he says with a smile. "We'll have to if we're going to pay for this machine!"

Fact is the Great Basin Brewery has been in business for 20 years now and Young says business has increased steadily every year.

Great Basin Brewery is already sold through 400 area vendors from restaurants and bars to Costco and even the Reno Aces Stadium. 

"We want to be a regional brewery. We've won a lot awards and we are on the right path and this will make it possible to get into more markets. It will really put us on the map regionally."

Thursday was the first run on the new machine. They hope to run production 4 or 5 days a week in the months to come.

Written by Erin Breen