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Ouchless ER

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One-and-a-half-year-old Antonella Frausto landed in the emergency room for the first time after she put her dinner, peas and spaghetti with meatballs, up her nose.

"She sneezed it out and we were worried that she still had some in," says mother Maria Salazar.

Getting a child to cooperate in an emergency can be difficult. So Dr. Lisa Dabby designed what UCLA Medical Center – Santa Monica calls an "Ouchless ER" for kids.

"It's much easier to take care of kids when they are not screaming or thrashing around."

A child life specialist assists uses toys.

"A lot of times the pain they receive can be alleviated through distraction or getting their mind onto something else or having them be involved in an activity," says Katie Kolbeck.

Children tend to have more fat in their arms so putting in an IV can be tough. Nurses here use an Ultrasound to make sure they get the vein the first time.

"Once you kind of poke them once they kind of get upset. If you could nail it the first time everybody is happy," says Dr. Daby.

Doctors also use nasal sprays to deliver medications instead of shots. And surgical glue instead of stitches when possible.

Antonella did not put up a big fuss when doctors removed more of her dinner.

"If we did not have all the other things to distract her, I think she would probably have a tantrum and start crying yea."

In fact, her mom says she didn't cry at all.

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