A local artist is now making waves across the globe. Cate Vail of Reno, owner of Sirens Photography is now one of the top mermaid photographers in the world.

She got her start when she entered her first mermaid picture into a photography contest at Truckee Meadows Community College and won. About five years ago she really saw her career float to the top among a sea of competition.

"(Mermaids) are sacred creatures of the sea," and she appreciates their beauty. Mermaid models, couples, even children have traveled to Northern Nevada from all over the world because of her unique creativity and fascination with fantasy and fish fashion.

Cate showed Channel 2 News her handmade spandex seashells and tails that she often wears. "I know more than 2,000 mermaids... Yes, there's a lot out there. I know mermaids from Asia to Sweden to the tip of South Africa."

She also has several calendar for sale and a book, plus, she's working on another one. She also won the "Mermaid Photographer of the Year" at a mermaid convention called "Mermapalooza."

You can find Cate's work at : http://sirensphotography.photoshelter.com/

Written by Neda Iranpour