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Prozac for Pets?

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One and a half year old Sammy is the love of David Holz's life. David found Sammy - an English bull terrier and pit bull mix at the local shelter four months ago.

"We brought her home and she was bright, well trained lovable and loyal."@

David says the first day he went to work after bringing Sammy home is when he realized something was not quite right. "Upstairs she ripped planter blinds and dug a hole upstairs and dug another hole by the garage."

Sammy was diagnosed with having seperation anxiety stress, and according to David the damage Sammy had done to the house was in an effort to find him.

To sooth her anxious behavior Dr. Michelle Mayers put Sammy on Prozac for Pets. "Anxiety is a common disease in animals they get anxious like we do."

Dr. Mayers says some animals can be anxious not only from being seperated from their owner but thunderstorms and even bringing a new pet home can make some animals anxious. "Others can be destructive and hurting themselves and property anxiety is a very real disease that needs to be taken seriously."

Another use for pet Prozac is for depression which Dr. Mayers says has tail-tell signs. Like the animal being withdrawn, decrease in appetite and not socializing. Dr. Mayers says that's where the medication can play a big role. "You get clients that are nervous about the meds but I think its good if it's warranted who wants to be anxious all of the time."

Dr. Mayers says along with the medication natural remedies can be used as well to sooth your pet like a thundershirt which wraps around the animal and mimics swaddling a baby.

As for David he says the Prozac along with training has made a huge difference in Sammy's life.

"I'm nowhere where we need her to be but where she is from where she was is a a significant change significant change."

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