A rape victim from Reno is testifying at legislatures not only in Nevada but also in Colorado, in support of bills that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.

Amanda Collins, who was raped by James Biela in 2007, testified before Nevada lawmakers last month.

She told her story this week to lawmakers on the Colorado State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

Collins has a concealed carry permit, but she says the night she was raped by Biela, she left her weapon at home, per the university's ban. "The very law that was meant to ensure my safety guaranteed James Biela an unmatched victim."

Collins says she believes she and other victims could better protect themselves if weapons were allowed on college and university campuses.

Opponents to the bill say weapons have no place in schools.

That issue is once again before our legislature this session.

A similar bill passed the Senate in 2011, but never got a vote in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.