Merchants in Midtown have reported a rash of break-ins and vandalism in the area the past few weeks.

Debbie Wolff is the co-owner of Nevada Fine Arts on South Virginia Street. She said she came into work Tuesday morning and found the front door shattered.

She said they were one of three businesses on South Virginia that had their doors smashed overnight.

"You feel violated in a personal way because we work really hard. This is our life business. We work really hard to make it nice for people," said Wolff.

Wolff said just a few weeks ago, taggers also graffittied a sign that hangs out front.

Across the way from Nevada Fine Arts, Sam Sprague, the owner of Micano Home and Garden is reporting similar problems.

He said burglars cut this fence so they could get into the back area of the store.

Just a few months ago, he said a thousand dollars worth of metal was stolen from his store.

He said  it has become so bad, he has started staying the night in his store to protect his property.

Sprague said many small business owners are talking about building apartments above their stores so they are nearby, just in case anything happens.

"It hurts more than anything your optimism and it hurts your wallet. I have to spend money I don't have and put that money out there and then people are stealing it."

The crimes have been reported to the Reno Police Department, bud they need your help.

If you know anything, police ask you to call Secret Witness at 322-4900 or text your tip to 847-411.

Written by Chris Ciarlo