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Balancing Your Immune System

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Even as we begin to look ahead to March, the cold and flu season still has a grasp on Northern Nevada. If you've avoided the upper respiratory or the stomach bug that's been going around, consider yourself lucky. Or maybe, it's that your immune system is in balance.  

Dr. Lisa Metzgar is a PhD in holistic nutrition at Family First Wellness. She works with people to help their immune systems. "So what we want to do is balance our immune system so that when things do come at us then it's more of a preparedness in our bodies. So it seems these invaders coming at us and it can react appropriately."

She says to help balance your immune system, you should eat whole foods, reduce stress in your life, get physically balanced with chiropractic adjustments and breathe. You can also take supplements like immune balancing Epicor. "Epicor is a brewers yeast derivative. Brewers yeast has been used for years and years as an immune enhancer. It has some properties that enhance our immune system."

Epicor works in three ways. It works with mucus membranes to stop invaders in the first place. It's loaded with antioxidants and it feeds our beneficial bacteria in our gut. Blogger Jessica Torres of tested it for 30 days in the heart of this year's flu season. "I think it was great. I didn't get sick at all and my 3-year-old did and every time she gets sick I'm always hit with it."

So how do you know if your immune system isn't in balance? Lisa says to listen to your body. "Things like being tired, no energy. That's a depressed immune system. Not getting enough sleep is a depressed immune system. Digestive issues. You just don't feel quite up to snuff because our immune system really helps when things are coming into our body we don't get as affected by these things."

For more information on balancing your immune system, call Family First Wellness at 775-843-1351 or go online to

For more information on Epicor go to 

To read Jessica's post on Epicor go to

Written By Wendy Damonte
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