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Foolproof Way to Find Your Lost Pet, Now Free

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The lost and found story of "Splash" the cat begins one year ago. The Sheridan Family had just moved to Cold Springs. One day, Splash just didn't come home. Life for his owner, 9-year old Carlie, just wasn't the same. As she told us, "Splash even wakes me up for school in the morning. I really missed him when he was gone." Carlie's mom Mandie told us "She was devastated. And her brother has a cat too so she was really upset he had his still and hers was gone."

At Washoe County Regional Animal Services they've heard stories like that time and time again. Sad to say, about 90% of pets never return home. The solution is about the size of a grain of rice: an easily implanted microchip.

We watched as Animal Services officer Shannon Renee Shelton checked out "Matika." She's a 10-year old Australian Shepherd, who has the tiny chip implanted between her shoulders. "We scan them with a scanner and the number pops up." A few beeps revels the chip, and Shannon's scanner comes up with a specific number. She told us, "We then check this number in our computer system, which reveals who her owner is."

It's a foolproof, permanent form of ID....a lost pet's ticket home. Shannon says even indoor pets should have it. "Definitely, because you never know…somebody may leave the door open and the cat gets out."

No one knows where Carlie's cat Splash was for a whole year. Well, Splash knows. But the takeaway here is that a microchip ultimately reunited him with Carlie. She told us that day he was found, "I was really happy. I could barely even talk I was so happy."

And so were "Spike" and his owners, who were also reunited after a year. And Zoey's microchip brought her home after a 9-year absence. Spash's journey back was helped by a survival instinct and a lot of luck…but it was that tiny chip that put him safely back in the arms of Carlie. If Splash goes off on another big adventure, his return is just a scan away.

The micro chipping is free for one year for all household animals. Just bring yours to Washoe County Animal Services on Longley Lane Monday through Friday from 10 to 4. Or call them at 353-8900 to find out more.

-written by John Potter

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