The good news is that there is still quite a bit of 49er and Kaepernick gear to be had in town; the bad news is that it's going fast. So, don't procrastinate on gearing up.

Silver and Blue Outfitters in Meadowood Mall is getting daily deliveries. Friday, it was women's T-shirts, but the racks are still pretty full and they are working to add to the inventory.

"We are calling every day just to see what we can get," said Shane Stuart, who manages the store. "We are even working directly with Sports Illustrated to get more copies of the magazine that features him, and we are working with Nike on more items."

Scheels at Legends is stocking everything they can get in and has a pretty wide variety of 49er gear right now.

At the Wolf Den on the University of Nevada campus, they are stocking Jerseys with Kaepernick's Nevada number, 10. They don't have permission to use his name, but they are working on it.

"I think there's a better chance of getting T-shirts this late than jerseys, but we are working on it, and we hope to have them in before Super Bowl," said Jessica Carling, who works at the Wolf Den.

There is always the Internet. In fact, Craigslist had quite a few items listed Friday. Just keep in mind, you'll likely pay a lot more than the original buyer did.

Written by Erin Breen