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At Studio 325, you can now experience Gyrotonic Expansion System. One particular tower is called the Cobra Elite system and what it's meant to do is work on the circular movements that are naturally organically in nature and works on the spiraling that works throughout our bodies.   

Gyrotonic was created by a dancer with movements adapted from dance, tai chi, gymnastics yoga and swimming. It might remind you of the early days of pilates, but Ty Johnson of Studio 325 says the goal is much different. "Pilates is a lot more linear in nature and this is more three dimensional. So you're working everything in circles. So it works on expansion so your body gets to expand from the center out."

It stretches your joints while giving you a strength workout as well. Although not in the traditional sense. "Like traditional weights the stronger you are the more weights you lift. This is more about your body alignment and symmetry of your body."

And as someone who has had shoulder issues in the past, I can say this workout feels therapeutic. "Even people with shoulder injuries I've worked with that have had pt and other things and they are actually able to move now because there's no strain or pull that creates space in their shoulder joints to move," says Ty.

Ty now trains people on Gyrotonic but she believes in it because of what it did for her personally. I lived in pain for awhile. I had a lot of lower back issues. I had a lot of hip issues. I had a lot of weird internal rotations going on with my legs. So once I started Gyrotonic all the pain went away and basically I've been pain free."

Studio 325 is located at 325 W. Peckham Lane in Reno.  Call 240-2110 or go online to

Written By Wendy Damonte
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