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Gun Control Talks Heat Up

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In the wake of last month's tragic shooting in Connecticut, the gun control debate has once again taken center stage.

Today, Vice President Joe Biden met with victims groups and gun safety organizations as part of a new task force looking into gun policy proposals.

"I know that several of you, across the table, have lost loved ones or have been the victims of gun violence, yourself," Biden said.

Biden says this task force is talking to all sides of the gun control debate and hopes to act immediately on policy proposals.

Dan Gross is the president of Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

He says it is long overdue.

"Everybody knows we're better than this," Gross said. "We're better than a nation with 32 murders every day, with shootings in movie theaters and schools and places of worship."

One proposal is a ban on assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

The sale of 30-round magazines is already illegal in California.

"I think there needs to be some kind of gun control," Keith Johnson said. "It's been going on for years, the violence with guns."

Others say it's not the type of gun that matters, but rather the people that can buy them.

"As a mother, I think there should be a little more control over it, but I don't necessarily think the rights should be taken away at all," Ashley Vaughn said. "I just think they should be more cautious of who gets gun rights."

"I think we need to protect ourselves and protect our families and I think that it is a basic right," Jean Mullins said. "But I'm also really upset and concerned about when they get into the wrong hands."

Almost everyone we talked to agreed something needs to be done to curb gun violence, but some did say they worry that gun control will take rights away from the wrong people.

"It was a tragedy, what happened, but you take guns away from law-abiding citizens and you'll still have criminals with guns," Lynn Pearce said. "I don't think it will stop anything, truthfully. I believe that if you start infringing on the Second Amendment, even a little bit, and it will just cascade down the line."

"People that don't want them, I always ask them one question," Jeff Fox said. "'What if you had an intruder in your home and couldn't do anything? How helpless would you feel?'"

Biden will meet with representatives from the National Rifle Association and other gun-owner groups tomorrow.

On Friday, he will meet with people from the video game and entertainment industries.

Written by Paul Nelson

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