The Republican National Committee alleges voting machines in Nevada and five other states are flawed and improperly showing votes for President Obama instead of GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

In a letter sent Thursday to state election officials, the RNC's chief counsel says a "significant number" of cases have been reported of votes showing up for Obama when a voter selected Romney on the touch-screen machines.

The letter does not allege votes were actually recorded for the wrong candidate.

The RNC asks that machines be recalibrated and voters be reminded to double-check their choices before their votes are recorded.

Claims of rigged voting machines were raised in the 2010 U.S. Senate race between Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Sharron Angle but were not substantiated.

In response, Secretary Miller posted this letter on his webpage.

He says, "Preliminarily, it is nearly technically impossible to pre-program the voting machines in Nevada to vote for a specified candidate because it is not a centralized proces and is tested individually by each of Nevada's 17 counties."

He also states that the chief counsel did not "provide any direct evidence" that any particular voter experienced 'errors' with their voting machines or any contact information to open an investigation.