More than 75,000 voters in Washoe County have already cast their ballots, since early voting started ten days ago. If you haven't voted yet, officials are suggesting you take your sample ballot with you to the polls. You don't have to, but it can help speed up the voting process. According to election experts, it's the back of the booklet that counts; specifically the bar code, that holds important information.

JLH Printing assembled and mailed more than 240,000 sample ballot booklets to Washoe County voters this month. Chris Fleiner, President of JLH in Sparks says each sample ballot packet is customized with the voter's name, address and precinct. "Make sure you bring this, the booklet," said Fleiner. "Because this bar code is what they want to scan at the polls because this bar code is what has all your information."

All that pertinent information is printed on the back of each ballot at JLH. Employees then check the information and make sure the ballots get to the post office. The project takes JLH employees 5 days and nights, but the sample ballots are an important part of our local election. JLH has been assembling the sample ballot booklets for the past ten years.

Washoe County Registrar of Voters, Dan Burke says that bar code can cut the voting process in half. "It really speeds up the process, whether you go to early voting or whether you go on election day. It not only speeds it up for the voter, it speeds it up for all the people who are standing in line behind them," said Burke.

Fleiner says it's an honor to be involved in the voting process and it's a job his company takes very seriously. "One little glitch could be devastating for the county," said Fleiner. "It's very important that we get it right. As long as we do our job right, then the voters should get the right ballot-- the right ballot style-- and everybody's going to be happy," Fleiner added.

The Washoe County Registrar of Voters says you don't need to take your sample ballot in order to vote, but if there are lines, it will certainly speed things up. 

Written by Jennifer Burton