A big part of making Honor Flight a success here in Northern Nevada has been the community involvement. And Veterans Elementary School got involved with it all weeks before the flight left Reno.

"We decided to write letters to the veterans as part of what we were doing learning all about World War II," said Martha Taylor, a sixth grade teacher at Veterans Elementary. "And I couldn't believe how into it they got. They showed so much compassion for people they had never even met and what those people did for us."

Taylor said some of the kids wrote two and three letters a piece. And those letters discussed what they were learning in school and then asked them questions about World War II.

The letters were passed out in a mail call on the bus in Washington, D.C. and brought tears to the veterans.

"I'll tell you one of the greatest things on this trip was the letters on the bus from kids in Reno. I even got one from one of my own kids. It was delightful to be recognized after all these years," said Maxwell Augustine who is retired from the U.S. Navy. 

"It was a great that these kids have written to you," said Michael Rios with Honor Flight. "Now it is common courtesy for you to write back and answer their questions."

The Honor Flight Veterans have all been invited to meet the kids at Veterans Elementary School during their Flag Ceremony set for October 25th.

And by the way you can get more information on applying, donating and volunteering for Honor Flight at www.honorflightnv.org.  And Honor Flight logo shirts are available at Steve's Army Surplus at the corner of Mill Street and Terminal Way in Reno. 100% of the proceeds go to Honor Flight.

Written by Erin Breen