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Tips For Better Fuel Efficiency

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It's hard not to notice how fast gas prices are changing.

But, there are many different things you can do to get more out of your gas tank, whether it's basic preventive maintenance on your car, removing excess weight, or even driving habits.

"I check all my four tires because that's one of the ways to save money," Ricardo Albugran said. "Checking the AC, too. I don't want to put the AC all the way because you will spend a lot more gas, too."

Mechanics at Reno Vulcanizing say those are just two simple ways to save gas.

The better your engine runs, the more efficient it burns fuel.

So, along with tire pressure, changing your oil and air filter can also make a big difference.

"The air filter keeps the engine running clean, keeps the air intake going into the engine clean, so that engine is running efficiently," Manager Clint Wells said.

It also helps to accelerate slower and brake less.

To save gas, let the engine slow you down more than the brake pedal and use the overdrive gears.

Remember, idling at stoplights can cost you one to three cents per minute.

"Stop-and-go driving is harder on mileage than highway driving is concerned," Wells said. "So, a lot of people, if you've got cruise control, put it in cruise control and keep a good, steady speed."

Going the speed limit will also help.

Even just going 55 in a 50 mile per hour area is like paying an extra 27 cents per gallon.

But these high gas prices don't always mean people are changing their driving habits.

"I don't really drive that far," Joyce Humphrey said. "I live close to work and it's kind of just back and forth for me. It's just one of those things you have to deal with."

How much weight you are hauling also makes a difference in gas mileage.

For every 100 pounds you pack into your car, it costs you an extra four to eight cents per gallon.

Written by Paul Nelson
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