The Nevada Secretary of State's office is debuting new ads aimed at getting everyone who's eligible to vote - to register.

Nevada is one of ten states that allows voters to register to vote online.

Secretary of State Ross Miller is ramping up efforts to get eligible voters to register. Especially before the November election and since Nevada is a battleground state. So, it's using Facebook and YouTube as well as TV.

The Secretary of State says younger voters and people in the military are the hardest to reach.

The ad states, "My fellow Nevadans, the doors of democracy are wide open, this year you can register to vote online at register to vote, all it takes is five minutes..."

Three ads targeting those voters started airing today.

One ad aimed at younger voters has the Secretary of State making an elevator pitch in an actual elevator.

It uses humor to reach people who don't normally respond to traditional ads. "It's something different. The challenge in these types of ads is you're delivering a pretty bland content, asking people to register to vote and pointing them to a website. With all the attack ads out there we knew we wanted a message that was light and hopefully entertaining to try to break through all the clutter."

There's more to the ad, and a surprise ending. To see the complete ad go to

Written by Jennifer Burton