Earlier this week we saw a video that went viral of a bear cub breaking into a Lake Tahoe garage.

As most of us know, incidents like that can be pretty common in our area. So some are trying out new security measures to keep their homes safe.

Lake Tahoe is busy this time of year, and the bears are busy too searching for food. But there are ways to keep these hungry animals from exploring your pantry.

"I install effective but humane bear deterrents," says Ryan Welch, owner of Bear Busters. "I focus on deterrents that don't hurt the bear, but keep them out of the house."

Welch has been installing electric fences on Tahoe homes for more than a year now.

"Usually they touch it once, and they won't touch it again," he says. "It becomes a mental barrier."

They may look dangerous, but they're nearly harmless. There is voltage running through the lines, but low amps.

"So with a pulsating voltage and the low amps, that's what actually makes it very safe for animals, people, and pets."

And if you are home, the entire system is turned off with just a flip of a switch. Welch also installs electric mats. Similar to the fences, they are also nearly harmless. They're just pieces of rubber with sheet metal on top which simply plugs into an outlet.

"Say the bear keeps coming into the same window, you can put it in front of there, deter if from coming in front of that window," says Welch. "They love to come in the same spot they've been in before."

Much safer than the alternatives. What a lot of folks still do is punch nails into mats, which can permanently damage bears' paws.

Welch says the electric fences and mats are safer for the animals. And while it cost you upwards of $3,000, it may be cheaper in the long run.

"Which when you compare that to the broken windows, broken doors, the damage to the home, it's minimal."

Welch says if a bear breaks into your home, filing a depredation permit won't fix the problem. Another bear will simply take it's place. That's why he says this system is so effective.

"The year-round, long-term solution right now is electric fencing," he says.

Another cool feature to this system, all installations are reported to authorities. That way first responders can turn the system off themselves in case of an emergency.

For more information go to www.tahoebearbusters.com

Written by Adam Rasmussen