Chris Ciarlo
Channel 2 News

Several KTVN co-workers and local residents honored our friend and former Sports Director, JK Metzker out at Montreux Monday.

JK passed away last November, after nearly 14 years at KTVN.

We honored him by holding the inaugural JK Metzker Memorial Golf Tournament at Montreux Golf and Country Club in south Reno.

128 area players came out to swing the clubs for a good cause.

"It's a great cause, great atmosphere, great location. What more could you ask except for no wind," said Harrah's Steak House bartender Jackie Smith.

Smith was just one of many people from local businesses who came out to support the Metzker family.

Other than loyal viewers, and JK had many, he also had lots of friends and a lot of them came out. We caught up with one of his buddies a bit ago.

"There still isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of JK and since we knew each other over 30 years," said Brian Clary. "Obviously, the money is going to a good cause and the family is doing good and they're getting by and I think it's a great deal."

Brian mentioned JK's wife Jaimie and three boys.

Proceeds from Monday's tournament go to the Metzker Family Fund.

Now about that wind. Everybody who knew JK, knew he loved to play pranks. Brian said maybe, just maybe JK had something to do with that wind today.

"We got a little bit of wind. I'm sure that's JK kind of messing with us and all our shots today. He's probably sitting there going 'what are you guys doing? Get back to work or go do something else.' I'm sure the wind was him saying 'well, I'm definitely not going to let you have your best round ever.'"

If you'd like to share your condolences, you can post them on Facebook at or mail them to the Metzker family in care of KTVN-TV, 4925 Energy Way, Reno, NV 89502.

KTVN has set up an account through Wells Fargo Banks for donations to JK Metzker's family. It's open at all Wells Fargo locations.

Donors should inform tellers the money is for a donation account and the name of the account is the ‘Metzker Family Fund.' (acct # 5867974627)