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Someone 2 Know: Best Friends

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Kristen Remington
Channel 2 News

Lucia Eve Ferrato is a happy and healthy baby. She has a sparkle in her eyes and not a worry in the world – as it should be. The three-month-old has no idea what her family is enduring.

Lucia's mom, Jessica Ferrato, is full of life. Her spirit is contagious and she shared it early on with one of her passions – cheerleading. Jessica met some of her best friends cheering. Morgan Gottier is one of them. Morgan and Jessica were inseparable growing up. "We moved in together in college. Probably the best times we've ever had," she thinks back. They have supported one another ever since. They even got pregnant together. "It's kind of what you always hope for as friends is that you'll be pregnant and share that time together." Their babies, Lucia and Adyson, are only 10 weeks apart.

But shortly after Jessica brought little Luci home, she complained of dizziness and weakness. She went to the hospital and has been there the last three months.

It turns out Jessica has a rare disease called Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome; it is a rare blood disorder and her kidney isn't functioning properly. She only has one. She donated the other to her sister 10 years ago because of the same disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure and only an estimated 300 people are affected by this blood disorder. Jessica is undergoing tests, dialysis and plasmapheresis.

The greatest challenge, however, is being away from her family and not being able to enjoy the simple things many take for granted, like breast feeding Luci. Morgan explained, "It was so important to Jess. She was such an advocate for breast feeding and I know that that was one of her main goals as a mom." So, as soon as Morgan learned Jessica couldn't do it, "I just said, 'don't worry about it. I have some in the freezer. We'll take care of it.' I pump at night or I pump extra during the day and whatever I pump goes straight to Luci." She's never thought twice about helping. "Not at all, not at all. She's my best friend, I'd do anything for her."

Every week, Jessica's husband, Lance, comes over to clear out a freezer full of milk. He bottle feeds Luci with love in his eyes and appreciation in his heart. Thanks to Morgan's compassion and generosity, Luci's thriving. "Oh, she smiles a ton.  She's very happy.  She's really strong, too.  She was rolling over at eight weeks," reported Lance.

"I'm just so happy she's so healthy," echoed Morgan. Her love for Luci is proof of her undeniable bond with Jess. It's a gift few are lucky to experience, but one these mothers will forever share. "I know that she would be there in a heartbeat if it was for me."

I spoke with Jessica in the hospital before this story aired and she emailed me a few thoughts about her best friend and her husband.

"Sometimes in life you come across people that are truly amazing. Morgan and I are more than best friends, she is truly family. She is more than a sister, but almost like a soul mate at times.  We have he ability to know what the other is thinking or needs without saying a word. She is the most selfless woman I know and I've been so fortunate to call her family for years. She loves my family as if we were her own, and her unconditional love and commitment come immediately and without a blink. The gift she has given not to me but to my beautiful daughter is one that is life changing. I will never be able to fully put into words how much I appreciate what she's done and the support she's given me, but the beautiful thing about us, is she already knows."

She also recognizes Lance's love and support in these trying times. "Challenges like the one we are going through right now, really allow people to show you what they are truly made of.  My husband is the most amazing father and husband I've ever seen. Many people would not be able to handle the magnitude of such a situation, and he has done it with grace and patience. He is juggling being a single father and taking care of a sick wife. His love and commitment for me and Lucia is unconditional and relentless. We have a bond unlike any that others can understand and his strength is what gets me through each day fighting this disease. I love him more than I'm able to, put into words. Watching him with our daughter gives me more joy than I can express. Our relationship and perspective is forever changed, but that is the beautiful thing, we have a commitment and understanding that is experienced by few, and in a tough situation is truly beautiful."

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