Paul Nelson
Channel 2 News

Everyone that ever knew JK knows that he was the ultimate prankster. Here, at Channel 2, we have our own vehicles and every time JK would borrow my car, I would get back in it, the next day, only to find a series of booby traps.

And I don't just mean sometimes. It happened almost every single time. Usually, I would open my door and find something like pens stuck in the fold of the car seat. Comfortable, huh?

But once I made it past one obstacle, there would be another.

JK would rig the windshield wiper to automatically go off when I started the car. He'd do this on a regular basis and then when I thought I was in the clear, I'd be driving down the road - a few days later, only to have paperclips fall on my face when I'd pull down my sun visor.

It got to the point where he was like a small child, I couldn't leave him unattended in the car if we were working together, because if I did he would figure something out.

But he had the most fun on road trips.

And it came at the expense of our competition.

"About 5 in the morning, one time. I think we were in Salt Lake City. I wake up to a wake up call out of nowhere and I'm arguing with the guy like, 'Look, we did not call for a wake-up call.' So, we're arguing for about a minute, thank him. I hang up the phone. I'm like, 'where did this come from?' and Eric Sperling, that worked with us at the time. All he said was 'Metzker.' And right then and there, we got it and we knew we got punked yet again and that's the kind of guy JK was," says KOLO 8 sports reporter Josh Little.

And if you got him, he would get you back.

Like at the 2005 NCAA Tournament, in Indianapolis.

"I went up to the front desk and said 'Hi, my name is Paul Nelson. I need my room key. I forgot which room I'm in.' They were kind enough to give me the room number. So, we set a wake-up call for you guys. The next day, Metzker said 'I'll get you back.' Don't worry, he didn't get us back in Indianapolis. Two years later, in Salt Lake City, I'm not thinking anything of it. We get maid service at 4:45, in the morning knocking on the door...'maid, maid, maid.'...So, I see JK later in the day and the only thing he says to me is 'Indianapolis, 2005,' says KOLO 8 sports reporter Stremmel Parker. (Parker worked at KRNV News 4 in 2005.)

The channel-to-channel shenanigans continued, year after year.

JK and I were the victims, again, at the 2006 WAC baseball tournament, in Fresno.

"We got a license plate frame that said 'Paul and JK forever. That's how we roll' and JK had a great sense of humor about it. It was one of those things that you know you were with a friend and he wasn't going to take it personally. He was going to come back on you twice as hard but that was the kind of guy we'll miss with JK," says Stremmel.

Little adds, "We would go out of our way. Literally, we would walk a good 100-200 feet past our room 'til JK went in his room and then go running back down the hall into our room because the last thing we wanted was Metzker to know where we were staying because it would be a long week if he found out and he eventually did and I think he got us towards the end."

While it was fun to beat the competition with practical jokes - nobody was safe.

It was common for him to mess with Garrett Dearborn, too.

JK Metzker was a great friend to everyone.

What you saw every Friday night was three friends, talking about football and teasing each other.

JK wasn't just a co-worker - he was our friend and brother.

He's the only person I know that could frustrate you and make you laugh at the same time.

We miss you JK and we will never forget you.