John Potter

Channel 2 News

3 days after the tragedy, flowers marked the spot where JK Metzker was hit, right near north Virginia and 17th Street. We don't know who left them, but they were placed there sometime Tuesday morning. Despite all the busy activity there, we found them still there at 1:00pm when we stopped by.

As the Regional Transportation Commission told us Monday, it won't be until next August when we finally get a crosswalk there, assuming it passes the Reno City Council on Wednesday. In the meantime, 81-year old Evelyn Caldwell has been running her own crosswalk safety campaign. "I call it, 'trying to keep people from getting killed.'"

Her involvement came from her own mishaps. "I have been hit twice when I stopped for pedestrians at a crosswalk." To Evelyn, the long stretch on north Virginia without a designated crosswalk is too much of a danger zone…she hasn't driven down there in years. But she took her message a step further…she pushed the police to get a grant and distribute thousands of bumper stickers that read, "I stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. It's the law!"

But that was 8 years ago. She has just a handful left.

As she told us, "I don't like bumper stickers, but there's one on my car because I have faith that sooner or later, somebody's going to say, 'Hey, this is a good idea, let's run with it.'"

She still talks her message, and hopes someone will hear it...and maybe print some more stickers.