Chris Ciarlo
Channel 2 New

According to the Washoe County Registrar's Office, 32.5% of voters turned out for the special election here in Washoe County and more than 75,000 Nevadans took part in early voting.

"It was a little better than we thought it was going to be, primarily because early voting was really strong," said Washoe Country Registrar Dan Burk. "Election Day was not strong voting, unfortunately. It was pretty weak on Election Day."

Overall, Burk said it was a successful day. He said there were only a couple minor issues.

Burk told us the poll managers took a little longer getting the electronic cartridges back to the Registrar's Office. Burk blamed the delay on an added security measure. Burk also said some people showed up to the wrong polling place, so there was some confusion there.

The confusion was caused, in part, by the shrinking of the number of polling places this time around from 96 to 69. The Registrar's Office experimented a bit this election. They implemented a new voter registration system and they say it was a success.

"We have concentrated all the processing of voters when first checking in or making sure you sign the roster or get your activated photo card," said Burk. "All that is done at the polling locations now and that allows us to concentrate not on the processing and the time is cut down for voters."

Burk said the new voter check in system and security measures will remain in place for the 2012 election. The total price tag for the special election was $265,000. Burk said that's about $10,000 less than they expected.