Jen Jackson
Channel 2 News

More local businesses are on the move.

They're taking advantage of the poor economy to set up shop in some of the many vacant retail rental locations.

The Niche is hoping to make its latest store a success like the other two locations in Reno and Truckee.

"We found a spot and we got a killer deal and the time was right for us," says Brittny Brody, co-owner of The Niche.

The clothing and home decor store is open right here in the Sparks Crossing Shopping Center.

Marilyn Stefan, a shopper says, "I'm glad, especially out here because I was afraid, Chili's closed, there's a few places that have already closed. It would be a shame if all this was built and not utilized."

If opening weekend is an indication of what's to come, The Niche is going to be a hit.

Brody says, "The perfect size and the right deal. We got in at the right time I think."

Bicycle Bananas has pedaled its way to a new location off of Mae Anne and McCarran in northwest Reno.

"It's bigger, it's kind of in a major shopping center which is something different for us," says owner, Dan Brown.

After about 15 years in one location, Brown's lease was ending and he was approached to consider something different.

"Made us a good offer, so, we went to our landlords and showed them that and asked them to meet us halfway if they were interested."

And after all the talking, Bicycle Bananas moved about a half mile for a good deal.

Brown adds, "Total amount is less, amount per square foot is less and they gave us a little consideration to move in."

Bicycle Bananas is open for business while workers put the finishing touches in all the right spots.